With over 35 years of experience in the public interest sector, Jean Weinberg provides a distinctive combination of skills: those of a capable planner with a strong political background. She enjoys the challenges of consulting—a shared and ongoing learning process between client and consultant—and excels at building trusting and effective working relationships.

Jean works with top decision makers to clarify an organization’s mission and goals and help them formulate and implement a strategic plan to achieve those goals. Her political experience gives her an understanding of the priorities and concerns of people at all levels of an organization: state or national; program or administrative; line or management. She encourages organizations to clearly define their missions — to explicitly identify what kind of group they want to be and what combination of actions will make that vision a reality. This approach toward planning ensures the most effective prioritization of programs and the wisest use of limited resources.

While many organizations use the language of strategic planning, to be successful they must translate that language into concrete action. Jean Weinberg can help leaders and staff learn the skills they need to implement their plans and guide them as they apply those skills.