Baby U

Facilitated, with help from a colleague, 6 strategic sessions which helped to map the future of this unusual collaborative effort over the next three years for Baby U, which is modeled on the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) Baby College program, targets parents with children pre-natal to age 3.

Saving Lives Program, Massachusetts

Led the development and implementation of effective Action Plans to improve the chances of successful institutionalization and self-sufficiency of six national pilot programs throughout Massachusetts. Assistance was provided to all local coordinators and their assistants through monthly training sessions and on-site visits. The Saving Lives program aims to reduce the number of car crashes, save lives, and minimize traffic-related injuries by strengthening the individual and collective resolve within a community to use automobiles safely. It is based on the idea that coordinated efforts by various groups—such as city officials, business people, the media, civic groups, school teachers, students and their parents, and law enforcement officers—can result in lasting change in attitudes and behaviors of community residents. These pilot programs were supported with a five-year, 2.8 million dollar public (NHTSA)/private (Commonwealth Fund) partnership grant.